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I found Dr. Wil from a Living Social deal and I am really greatful I did! I took sometime until I was able to book an appointmet but when I finally did it was amazing. I suffer from back pain since many years and I was always treated with massage to ease the pain. Dr. Wil made an X Ray and explained me where did the pain come from and how we were going to fight it. since that day I became a regular customer for a weekly adjustment and my life just feels much better. The daily pain is reduced to half and I feel much better. I totally recommend Dr. Wil. He helped me a lot. Just give it a try and you will see!!!

Sara C.

Manhattan, NY


Dr . Will is fantastic ! He helped me with my back & neck pains caused by sitting at a desk in front of a computer (work). I see him once a week & it helps alleviate my pain. I highly recommend everyone to get adjustments on a regular basis, its a investment in your health & well worth it. Dr.Will is a lovely person & sincerely cares in his patients well being, his staff is warm & welcoming.

Zan D.

Manhattan, NY


I started going to Dr. Schweigert after I signed up for a Groupon promotion.  Since then I have signed up for two different session packages.  Dr. Schweigert's bedside manner is incredible.  He is so nice and really cares about you, your health, and what's going on in your life.  The staff is extremely helpful as well and is very accommodating with scheduling.  My back and overall health feel great and I would highly recommend this chiropractor!

Christopher G.

Manhattan, NY


I went to Dr Wil after three years of pain on my right side. his adjustments have allievated the pain and I feel better than ever. I have more energy, can handle stress better and feel happier. Everyone in his office is as kind and professional as he is. I highly recoomend him!

Jennifer R.

Manhattan, NY


I stumbled upon Dr. Schweigert via Groupon. And I've been going to him for 2 months now. I bought a 25 session package, and it's been the best thing ever. They are speedu, professional, responsive, and the appointments can all be done via email, which helps A LOT when you have a busy schedule. Even when I had to reschedule last minute, it was not an issue at all. I highly recommend him for your chiropractic needs.

Rony Z.

Manhattan, NY


I'm a young student and performer and I've had a great* experience with Dr. Wil and his office. Since getting regular adjustments with Dr. Wil I've learned so much about my chiropractic health, I feel more balanced in my body and I notice many positive differences. I also came in through the deal for chiropractic evaluation and massage;  it did take some time to get my massage, but I understand these appointments are popular. When it came time though I was very, very pleased. Yes the online system can be frustrating and they know that, but not at all really if you calm down, don't back track and just do what you need to do with it. Be very careful in thinking ahead when you plan appointments, I figure that's a general rule in life? Don't make cancellation fees an issue and if you have to deal with it, well, that's life. The admins are very helpful and its always pleasant speaking to them. I don't feel the usual frustration I feel about doctor's and doctor's offices etc. there. I feel everyone genuinely cares about my health and well being and I appreciate that. I'm independent on a budget and they have been very understanding and helpful in accommodating my insurance situation or lack there of. I took the deal at first and have gotten way more than I paid for in a great way. Since then I have been a regular 'patient' and all these negative reviews (besides the sniffing massage therapist, yea that's not cool but I didn't have that experience, speak up don't just accept) have a lot to do with the way people choose to organize themselves and negative attitudes towards doctor's offices/health which I can understand. But you have to grow out of that sometimes. The living social deal is NOT a scam its just that many people get it so massage appointments are harder to come by. I won't let the negatives take away from the positives, Dr. Wil has improved my quality of life and I'll gladly recommend him.

Emilia O.

Manhattan, NY


I have back pain and shoulder pain for about 2 years after lifting baby up and bad sitting position at work.  My problem is almost totally gone and I have been gone there twice a week for about 6 wks now and I did keep up for twice a week.  My problem is my neck bone is not aligned with the spine. I am highly recommended this Dr to anyone.

Vivian L.

Flushing, NY


I don't usually write reviews, but Dr. Wil has helped me very much and I feel so blessed to have found him as a chiropractor.  I was in a car accident that unfortunately caused me over a year of physical therapy, shoulder surgery, and pain almost daily in my back, neck, knees and shoulders.  I tried trigger point injections, electrical stimulation, accupuncture, hot packs, cold packs, biofreeze, massage (which is how I found Dr. Wil), exercise, stretching, prayer... When I say I tried everything, I mean it.  Before being treated by Dr. Wil, I couldn't even sit through a movie without pain and burning in my shoulders and neck, and sitting at my desk was torture (and I love my job!).  To be a little overly-dramatic, I was at the mercy of my pain.  I'm not one to let just anyone "crack" my neck, and I was so super scared when I went to see him that first time, but I was in so much pain, that I was willing to try it.  I was scared because I didn't want to make the pain worse, and because I am a plus-sized girl and didn't know if he could handle "all of this."  Dr. Wil can and he did, and he also took the time to allay my fears.  He always takes the time to explain or discuss any of my concerns, and you have to love a doc that always looks you straight in the eyes!  After being treated by Dr. Wil, my quality of life has vastly improved.  I'm not my pre-accident self yet, but that is a lot to ask and I am happy to see glimpses of her (especially after my adjustments) because it makes me very hopeful.  Every time I leave Dr. Wil's office, I say a little prayer for him, his family and his staff (shout outs to the always helpful Tracey and Cristina!).  He has a special gift and he enjoys his craft.  So, you can say whatever you want to say about the massages, but you can't touch Dr. Wil's chiropractic care skills.  He's a great chiropractor and a genuinely good person, and I won't let anyone touch my neck or spine but him.  I even brought my husband to see him when he started complaining about his back.

A. R.

Bronx, NY


So, I too found out abt Dr Wil from a Living Social deal.

At first, I was really frustrated with trying to schedule the massage/visit on the website. Its a crappy system that is not user friendly and definitely put me off. I was finally able to schedule something 5 months out after tinkering with dates for 30 minutes.

This system needs an entire overhaul and hopefully they are taking the comments about it seriously.

But after a call with on of the office admins, she put me right and said that if I was up for it I could get on a cancellation list, if I am the type that can come down at a moments notice. I got in and saw Dr Wil abt 2 weeks later.

The consultation was informative and he did point out several things I was aware of and how to deal with a digestive issue with better results. He asked if I wanted to continue chiropractic care and I said I would be interested if my insurance was taken. They told me that I had a crappy plan (which I already knew) and gave me several options.

Then onto the massage. Not the best, but near the bottom of massages I had ever gotten. The masseur was ill and sniffling and it was disconcerting that she was doing so all over my back in a chair massage. I could have don't without and i would have been better going to any number of massage places all over the city. So don't invest in an appointment for the massage.


If you want a good chiropractor, Dr Wil is very good at what he does. I have been a client now for 2 months.

My back and neck feels much, much better.

Being able to call ahead and walk in within an hour or 3 is great, I normally get a, "come on in, we'll make room for you."

I have talked to the admins on topics from everything from nutrition to good places to go for a weekend away. They are normally very pleasant.

Why I gave the service 4 stars?

I give Dr Wil 5 stars for his care----- 3 stars for the horrible online appointment system and sick masseur. 

Oh, and to commenters who are going on about canceling (day of)appointments and charged a fee; that is normal practice for nearly all doctors visits and massage services I have ever used. it IS common practice, esp. here in NYC.


Spam Emails? I don't really understand what another commenter is going on about getting a lot of spam. I check my spam filter weekly and I have received maybe 1 email in the 3 months since I registered on the site.

Shimain R.

Maspeth, NY


Dr Wil and everyone in the office are always very positive and professional. I always leave my appointments in a good mood:)  I found out about them on Groupon and agree it was a pain to try to schedule the massage - and I still haven't gotten it, but for a chiropractor who provides adjustments and help for patients with back pain/ problems this place is 5 stars.


New York, NY


I am really surprised at all of the negative reviews about Dr. Wil.  Yes, his office is a little difficult to navigate at first because he does seem to be offering a lot of internet specials concurrently, but once you get past the "massage" (who really cares about that, anyway?), you get to see a great doctor who is very kind and knowledgeable.

If you're going to him for JUST the massage, don't waste your time.  There are tons of other sites which offer cheap massage deals. Anyone who would book a chiropractic exam special with a massage as a bonus, and then expect the world's greatest massage, is moronic.

If you want to go to a good chiropractor, see Dr. Wil.  I had been having neck and back issues for years, and after the first few visits, I felt much less hunched over.   I really enjoy going to him, and his treatments have definitely made a difference in how I feel.

And, to the previous poster who wondered if x-rays were immediately view-able vs. needing to be "developed"...again, moronic.

Adrienne S.

New York, NY


It does not surprise me at all to see this doctor have a perfect score on here. I'd give him 6 stars if it were possible.

I'm hard to please with estheticians, massage therapists, and chiropractors. The only bad thing about leaving Texas was losing my trio of miracle workers. I always assumed the chiropractor would be the last thing I'd find, but no. Dr Wil is awesome. It's been only two weeks and my headaches are all but gone. I've also noticed that I can run almost twice as long before I start hurting and after the first time he adjusted me, my leg presses went up by 20 lbs. I know it may be a strange measure of a chiropractor, but if I can feel the difference in the gym then he's doing something right.

That sounds so much like a commercial, I feel like I should be holding up a shiny spine while I type this. But it is deserved. If you're looking for a change from the sterile pop and cracks that Manhattan seems to be so full of, this is your place.

Jae M.

Brooklyn, NY


I met Dr. Wil at one of his free health dinners (http://www.freehealthd...).

Being the skeptic that I am, I naturally wanted to resist everything that was being spoken about. However, free italian dinner is free italian dinner.

At the end, he offered us a free x-ray and consultation. I took him up on his offer and to this day I am glad I did.

Dr. Wil has helped improve my neck and my posture. I've always slouched a lot and walked a bit leaned forward, but no longer. That, combined with fact that I been working out, has really made me look a million times better.

I highly recommend his services. I have sent many people his information, as well.

Give him a shout out, but dont do it via regular methods. Go through his free health dinner and get a free meal out of it first. ;)

William C.

Brooklyn, NY


Used the LivingSocial deal for the chiropractic consultation and 1 hour massage.  I was a bit nervous since I wasn't really interested in having a  chiropractor at all and just wanted the massage, but the entire experience was smooth. Dr. Schweigert cracked my back and neck without any nonsense, and the hour long massage was relaxing and soothing--but certainly not aggressive or deep-tissue, so do not expect that. If I had the slightest interest in a chiropractor, I would certainly go back.

Ari H.

New York, NY


I went to see this Chiropractor because i bought the Living Social deal. I knew i needed to see someone because i was in a lot of pain. When i first went i got the massage which was great. Then Dr.Schweigert spoke to me for a couple of minutes did some x-rays. He said to me i know u are in pain i can help u. Which he did :) Because of him i have less pain and getting better. Cool guy also.

Glenda P.

Manhattan, NY


I really never knew that Chiropractic can help the whole body function better until Dr Wil explained it to me.  My headaches, stomach trouble and back pain are all relieved and much better.  He says it will take time for my body to grow fully healthy, but based on my fantastic results so far, I am staying with Dr Wil!!!!!

Douglas D.

Merrick, NY


Thousands of people from Southampton to New York City are finding Quick Pain Relief!

An aching body, like your back, neck, shoulder, or wrist can really ruin your day.  It's no fun not being able to do the things you want to do, like playing with the kids, golfing, gardening, or even taking a walk or bike ride.  You get more than just great pain relief with Dr. Wil Schweigert.

Dr. Schweigert uses gentle, effective Chiropractic adjustments to get you feeling better again, quickly.  He'll help you better understand Chiropractic and whole body wellness.  He not only focuses on back pain, neck pain, headaches, sciatica, fibromyalgia and other common concerns, but also on prevention, wellness, and nutrition.

Since you've looked us up on the web, you've probably got some pain, and it's probably significant pain.  Whether you have back pain or neck pain, headaches, arm or leg pain including sciatica, carpal tunnel or even fibromyalgia, we may have just what you are looking for.

Everything our Chiropractic office does for our patients is about getting you back to enjoying life, pain-free and on your terms.  When you come in, you'll be greeted by a friendly and caring Chiropractic assistant, and then you'll get a thorough exam and a complete action plan.  Your plan is personalized specifically for you to get you feeling normal again, whether you suffer from mild or extreme back pain, neck pain, headaches, and arm or leg pain including sciatica, carpal tunnel and fibromyalgia.

So go ahead and browse our web site for any information you need, and when you are ready to get rid of your pain, call us or schedule an appointment online.

We look forward to meeting you.


Dr. Wil Schweigert

295 Madison Avenue

New York, NY 10017

(212) 922-1600

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